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AVS Dental Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we give answers to the most frequently asked questions to give you an insight and to assist you in answering most frequently asked questions about the dental plan.

Why should I choose this program?

The AVS Dental Plan offers a host of discounts, not only for the routine treatments, but also for the expensive services.

Who is a dental care provider in the network?

A dental care provider is one of the selected dentists who are in the network of approved dentists who may be one of the dentists in your area. The information is also available in our Dental Locator.

How can a member change his/her dentists?

It is a very simple procedure and no paper work is required. You can change the dentist any time. Just call our customer service representative to inquire whether the dentist is participating in the AVS Dental Plan.

Can the plan be used for specialty treatments?

Of course! We are here to give you all the benefits of the program. These benefits are carefully chosen to bring the best services and affordability in your reach. Many members join to take advantage of the specialists in the network while maintaining their regular dentists.

What are the requirements for group dental plan?

We offer special reduced rates for Groups, Unions and companies of 10 or more. All you require is to submit 10 applications to receive the benefit of group rates.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The AVS Dental Plan can be obtained by anyone under any age category. We have plans for individuals, couples, families and groups.

How soon can I visit a dentist?

You can start using the dental program as soon as you receive your ID card(s) and fulfillment package. You should receive your fulfillment package and ID card(s) within 5 to 10 days after the purchase of the dental program.

Who is the provider?

A provider is a dentist who is participating with us and offers the services as mentioned in the Plan at a discounted and predetermined rate. These are dedicated and trusted practitioners and deliver quality services.

What is the Membership duration?

This is a yearly membership that is effective from the date you receive your membership card.

Though we have tried to collect and give answers to most of the queries that we have received in the past, you can call on our toll free number, or contact us by fax, website for any further assistance. We have a well-trained team that is geared to give all possible help to your utmost satisfaction. We are here to serve you in a better way day after day.