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AVS Dental Plan Testimonials


“I was able to save over 25% on my dental bill for oral surgery.  That savings covered my yearly membership fee plus much more! Thanks, AVS”

– Laura M., Phoenix, AZ


“I was so happy to find out I wouldn’t even have to change dentists to receive the savings AVS offers.  The dentist I have seen my entire life was already part of the Aenta Dental Access Network.”

– Gavin J., Los Angeles, CA

“In my house, we used to visit the dentist only when we absolutely had to.  It’s all we could afford.  But with AVS, my family is now able to go for regular cleanings, and because of that, no one has had any serious issues.  The preventive care we are now able to afford, in the long run, is well worth the $249 per year.  Plus I know I am keeping my family healthy!”

– Sean N., Chicago, IL

‘As a single mom, it’s been hard to afford dental care for me and the kids. AVS Dental Plan changed all that and I found a dentist my kids really like, too.”

– Sandra D., Detroit, MI

“The savings I receive each year on my annual cleaning and x-rays more than covers my yearly membership fee.  Plus I have peace of mind knowing I won’t be paying full price, should I need additional services.”

– Ronald H., Jacksonville, FL


‘I looked at a lot of family dental [programs]. Most had limits on coverage, age restrictions and large deductibles. With AVS Dental Plan, there are no restrictions, and no hassles. Their family membership covers all of us, even my father, and the discounts have already made the [program] pay for itself.”

– Jeanne D., Charlotte, NC

‘With AVS, I don’t have to wait weeks for reimbursements, like I did with my old dental [program].  Plus I know what I can expect to pay, even before getting my bill.  There are no surprises.”

– Kristen M., Boston, MA